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Story Streaming

A simple, effective method of crafting messages that are clear, concise and compelling.

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People have always used stories to connect with each other and share vital information. Stories have the power to touch emotions and captivate attention. And they ensure that the main ideas are not lost as they are passed from person to person.

Story Streaming helps unite people and connect them to their organizations by giving them a technique for organizing and communicating important information.

Story Streaming is a repeatable process that helps you organize information and develop communication that is:

Clear—stories are memorable and repeatable.

Concise—stories that take three minutes or less to tell.

Compelling—stories that have impact and change how people think, feel or act.

A streamed story has four parts

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This is where every “streamed” story begins. The Source introduces the basic characters and includes the issues and context that form the groundwork for the rest of the narrative.


These are the three to five key events or factors that feed a “streamed” story’s overall flow and help move it along. Tributaries are milestones that describe what is happening and why it’s occurring.


This is a “streamed” story’s payoff – where the impact and meaning are made clear. The Delta clarifies what’s important about the narrative; and it challenges listeners to think, feel or act differently.


This is what holds a “streamed” story together. The flow is the main theme, point or organizing principle. It indicates to listeners what the narrative is really about and it tells them why they should care.


Two Ways To Get Started

  1. Let Us Teach You How To Stream Your Stories

    We offer customizable workshop experiences that introduce the Story Streaming process through a combination of real-time, facilitated practical applications and moderated peer feedback. Participants in this experience leave prepared to activate Story Streaming as part of their professional skill set.

  2. Let Us Stream Your Story

    We work with individuals and teams on the development of “streamed” stories for internal messaging, meetings and presentations and strategic communication. Our facilitated process can help end dependency on PowerPoint while developing narratives that help maintain the integrity of important information as it passes from person to person throughout an organization.

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sr4 and Sheffield Marketing Partners, the folks behind the development of Story Streaming, have helped organizations from small not-for-profits to Fortune 500 firms communicate more clearly and create change more effectively.

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Here are some sample Story Streams

Corporate Wellness

We are a truly unique group of people who are dedicated, intelligent and care deeply about what we do and about the company we work for. We are a company with a rich heritage of innovation in helping people live longer, healthier lives—this now applies to both our employees as well as to the people we serve.

As employees, we experience the same individual stresses, issues and challenges as all others in the world around us. So we are continuing to invest in the facilities and resources that can best support employees and their families across the interconnected areas of career, social, financial, physical and community wellbeing. And, we are doing so in such a way that ensures all our employees feel welcome and are extended the trust required to fully participate.

Well-being at our company reconnects us to our founding principles in which a healthy, productive working environment helps us to be at our best—more collaborative, more creative, and more engaged. To fully deliver on our purpose, we will be well.

Policy System for Remarkable Customer Experiences

We are committed to empowering everyone in the organization to create remarkable customer experiences - those that are memorable, impactful and valuable.

Presently, we face a variety of customer interactions and job responsibilities that we may not know how to handle. We simply might not know what to do or what we can say which can be frustrating and awkward. No matter how strong our relationships are, these situations can diminish our value and make us feel less confident and less prepared.

Toward empowering our teams to create remarkable customer experiences, we are creating a policy system. It provides us with greater guidance and clarity to do our job more confidently. While this system will not change the policies that govern our interactions with customers, what it will provide are the guidelines that ensure we know what to do or say when facing a variety of situations. Instead of stumbling or wondering how to proceed, we will have improved access to the information we need, when we need it. Rather than doubting ourselves – or worse, retreating – we’ll know how to handle the most common questions and scenarios properly.

Our policy system will allow us to be even more prepared to handle key aspects of our customer and job responsibilities. We will differentiate ourselves as we build even stronger relationships with our customers. And, we will be ready to respond with the clarity and confidence that our customers expect and deserve from us.